Services - R&D

Since its formation in 1980, Unisearch Associates has been providing Research and Development and measurement services to a wide range of clients including Government (Ontario Ministry of the Environment, AES Canada, California ARB, US EPA, NASA), Universities (York University Toronto, the University of Toronto, MacMaster University, the University of East Anglia, the University of Duisburg at ESSEN), Research institutes (the Electric Power Research Institute, the Coordinating Research Council, Argonne National Laboratories, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories), and industry (Aluminium Association of Canada, ALCOA, RIO TINTO-ALCAN, Philip Morris International, Metro Wastewater Reclamation District—Denver, Air Liquide, BAE Systems) to mention just a few.

Unisearch has a strong research team of physicists, chemists and engineers who support both the external R&D and Services and also internal R&D which develops new and improved products.  Unisearch maintains over 5,000 sq. ft. of Production, Service and R&D space including fully equipped test facilities and diagnostics to keep our continuous emissions monitoring equipment and other products at the leading edge of the industry.

Current contract R&D includes:

  • QC Laser Monitor: Development of Quantum Cascade laser based systems to extend our measurement capabilities to the mid Infra-red region.
  • Near IR LasIR:  Extension of our Near Infra-red laser product line to longer and shorter wavelengths opening up more species to our standard LasIR product line. 
  • NH3 Slip Monitoring:  combustion efficiencies
  • CO and CO2 Monitoring: Measurements at Coal Fired Power plants to help improve NOx reduction strategies.
  • HCl Monitoring: Support EPRI and EPA in measurements of HCl at Coal Fired Power plants with the objective of providing a protocol for CEMS monitoring of this species with high accuracy and response time coupled with minimizing maintenance intervals.
  • Fire Detection: Using tunable diode laser technology.
  • Measurement of SO2 (0-100% with no dilution requirement): For metal smelters
  • High sensitivity measurement of SO2 (0-100 ppbv): For low sulfur diesel vehicle exhaust