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LasIR™ Portable Gas Analyzer

Portable Gas Analyzer for up to 250 m Path Length

LasIR™ Laser-based Portable Gas Monitor for Emissions Monitoring

Allows for real-time measurement of target gases in a compact, weather-resistant design suitable for open-path and ambient-air  monitoring.

Compact and durable, this portable gas measurement equipment allows the user to move easily from one location to the next in order to analyze gas emissions in a variety of environments.

Onboard memory allows to save data which can then be loaded into a computer for analysis.

Near IR tunable diode laser Telecommunication grade lasers for longevity, reliability and availability
Detection Limits
sub-ppmv to % levels depending on species and application.
Consult the factory for your specific application.
Factory Test results sent with every unit Internal reference cell, external portable audit module, sealed or flow through cell configurations
Dynamic Range
5 orders of magnitude
Data Storage
Internal storage & External storage via Ethernet
Open Path Telescope:
7"(W) x 10"(H) x 14"(L)
12"(W) x 12”(H) x 8"(D)
Response Time
< 1 second
Environment Conditions
‐10°C to +50°C,
5 – 100% RH,
800 – 1,200 mbar
Outputs and Networking
Ethernet, Six Dry-Contact NC & NO Status Relays
Data Logging and Displaying Software
LasIRView (with Data Review and Statistical Analysis)
Power Supply
+12 VDC; 1A
(100 – 240 VAC @50‐60Hz to +12 VDC adapter supplied)
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