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LasIR™ Portable Gas Analyzer

Portable Gas Analyzer for up to 250 m Path Length

LasIR™ Laser-based Portable Gas Monitor for Emissions Monitoring

Allows for real-time measurement of target gases in a compact, weather-resistant design suitable for open-path and ambient-air  monitoring.

Compact and durable, this portable gas measurement equipment allows the user to move easily from one location to the next in order to analyze gas emissions in a variety of environments.

Onboard memory allows to save data which can then be loaded into a computer for analysis.

Near IR tunable diode laser Telecommunication grade lasers for longevity, reliability and availability
Detection Limits
H2S < 25 ppm-m
CO < 0.1%-m
CO2 < 0.1%-m
HF < 0.1 ppm-m
Consult Factory for other gases
Factory Test results sent with every unit Internal reference cell, external portable audit module, sealed or flow through cell configurations
Dynamic Range
5 orders of magnitude
Data Storage
Internal storage & External storage via Ethernet
Open Path Telescope:
7"(W) x 10"(H) x 14"(L)
12"(W) x 12”(H) x 8"(D)
Response Time
< 1 second
Environment Conditions
‐10°C to +50°C,
5 – 100% RH,
800 – 1,200 mbar
Outputs and Networking
Ethernet, Six Dry-Contact NC & NO Status Relays
Data Logging and Displaying Software
LasIRView (with Data Review and Statistical Analysis)
Power Supply
+12 VDC; 1A
(100 – 240 VAC @50‐60Hz to +12 VDC adapter supplied)
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