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ON, Canada

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Unisearch Associates Inc., located in Concord, ON (just north of Toronto, ON CANADA) is a High Technology Instrument Manufacturer with a strong Research and Development base.  The company is dedicated to providing solutions to client’s specific requirements.  The major focus of the company is in Optical Spectroscopy Gas Measurements.

Since its inception in 1980, Unisearch has maintained a position at the forefront of TDL, tunable diode laser spectroscopy technology, developing a variety of continuous emissions monitoring equipment and predictive emission monitoring system, among other products, that are now used worldwide.  In 2005 the company re-acquired its Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technology.  Unisearch has since been developing instrumentation based on this spectral region in order to round out their capabilities to measurements of trace gases from industrial processes that are not amenable to TDL detection.

At Unisearch, we supply high quality gas monitoring equipment solutions for every situation whether it requires gas monitoring equipment for ammonia slip measurements or Carbon Monoxide emissions for burner efficiency measurements in fossil fuel power plants, measurement of hydrogen fluoride in primary Aluminum smelter stack emissions for scrubber efficiency monitoring, Hydrogen Chloride levels in Incinerator and Power Plant emissions or other continuous emissions gas monitoring equipment.

We offer standard and specialized gas monitoring systems.  Check out our products section for more continuous emissions monitoring and gas monitoring equipment.