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Pseudo In-situ Measurement System

PIMS (Pseudo In-situ Measurement System), is a patented  specially designed optical sensor of LasIR and DOAS gas analyzers.  Each PIMS includes two units: The PIMS control box and the PIMS measurement unit. The PIMS control box includes temperature controllers, SSR, Solenoid valves, etc. to heat and control the temperature and switching of air flow of the PIMS measurement unit. The PIMS measurement unit includes gas sampling, filter purging, heating device, and a multi-pass gas cell. The gases in process duct or flue duct enter PIMS directly though sampling probe without conventional long sampling tube between sampling probe and measurement cell (or analyzer). Although gas sampling is required, its response time is close to an in-situ measurement system. Hence the name Pseudo In-situ Measurement System.  ​A special filter located immediately upstream of the sampling probe, but still at flue gas temperature, restricts particles from entering the measurement cell.  Automatic purge cycling keeps the filter clean, however if cleaning is necessary, the filter is easily accessible and may be cleaned externally or replaced in minutes.  The PIMS is admirably suited to measurements in which the flue gas particle loading is too high to allow cross stack measurements, where access to only one side of a duct is possible or where regulatory protocols require calibration gases to be introduced into the sample gas stream.

Power Meter

The fiber/coax power meter is employed to measure both, the laser power transmitted through the fiber optic cable (for fiber optic cable verification) and the return signal as seen directly by the IR detector (for optimizing alignment). The meter is required for measurements at specific wavelengths.  The meter is an essential tool for checking system components and should remain on site with the equipment.

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