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D2O / HDO Monitoring

D2O (heavy water) is used as a neutron moderator in certain types of nuclear reactors (CANDU reactors in particular). Interactions between D2O molecules and H20 molecules result in the production of HDO (Hydrogen-Deuterium Oxide). For every two H2O molecules and two D2O molecules that react, two HDO molecules are produced, leaving one H2O molecule and one D2O molecule.  


In the normal environment, where H2O ​dominates, D2O is rapidly converted in its entirety to HDO.  Similarly, a D2O leak at a nuclear reactor will interact with the more dominant H2O in the area instantaneously to form HDO. In this case, virtually all of the D2O molecules from the leak will disappear, leaving behind H2O and HDO molecules. Measuring the concentration of HDO provides an indication of how large the leak is.


We offer the ideal TDLAS technology for D2O/HDO monitoring. Our instruments ensure accurate and rapid response to HDO levels. The Unisearch LasIR provides:

  • Reliable, accurate data
  • Rapid response – within seconds if desired
  • Multiple location monitoring for both fire detection and combustion optimization
  • Continuous emissions monitoring
  • Freedom from interferences from other gases which could result in erroneous data
  • Easy maintenance and improved process control
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