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HF Monitoring

Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) is a colorless gas that is used extensively in industrial applications. Fluoride monitoring is necessary for aluminum plants where aluminium fluoride is employed as the cryolite to aid in electrical conduction in the bath.  Some of the cryolite is converted to HF during the process.  Dry scrubbers are employed to convert any HF emissions back into aluminium fluoride for re-processing.  Any HF gas that escapes the plant will come at a cost to the facility. As a regulated gas must be maintained at a level that is not detrimental to the environment.  An HF analyzer for fluoride monitoring is essential to keep track of and prevent losses.


An instrument that uses a tunable diode laser, such as our LasIR instruments, makes for a the ideal HF analyzer. When calibrated for fluoride monitoring, our LasIR equipment is able to provide continuous updates on the concentration of HF in a given area. Features of our LasIR fluoride analyzer include:

  • Reliable, accurate data output
  • Quick response to changes in compound concentration
  • Gas-specific sensor adjusted for fluoride monitoring
  • Easier maintenance and operation compared to a conventional HF analyzer
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