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The cement industry is a significant source of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides and nitrous oxides. In fact, this industry alone is responsible for 5 percent of global CO2 emissions. This is due to the highly energy-intensive process of cement-making and the extremely high levels of heat it requires. Both direct and indirect emissions of CO2 are produced in cement manufacturing—direct emissions are produced through the breaking down of limestone, which is the primary component of cement, and indirect emissions are produced by burning fossil fuels to generate heat. Depending on the operational processes involved in a cement manufacturing facility, hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF) and ammonia (NH3) can also be produced.


LasIR gas analyzers are the ideal solution for continuously monitoring these pollutants at stacks and ensuring that emissions are maintained within the prescribed limit. LasIR gas analyzers have been tested and independently certified to meet the stringent criteria of continuous gas monitoring systems within the emission ranges of these pollutants. These instruments have also been proven to operate with no downtime and virtually no need for maintenance.

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