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Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper production processes result in commonly emitted gases in industrial facilities, as well as some specific to this industry. One of the gases of main concern for this industry is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), for which increasingly stringent exposure limits have been set by local authories in various countries.


One of the issues that the pulp and paper industry currently faces is finding the right technology to reliably measure H2S within the new exposure limits. Electrochemical sensors, widely used to detect H2S, are not sensitive enough to comply with the new regulations. Additionally, they are not the appropriate solution when it comes to fence-line monitoring over long measuring distances.


The LasIR analyzer combined with open path optics is successfully being used to monitor H2S with a detection precision of a few parts per billion. Existing applications involving the monitoring along a path of up to 1 km are currently being performed by Unisearch open-path H2S monitoring systems.

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