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Carbon Fiber

Typical pollutants associated with the carbon fibre manufacturing process include, among others, hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and ammonia (NH3). These gases are produced at significant concentrations through pan oven processes. Uncontrolled levels of HCN resulting from fan failure or an out-of-balance oven can cause the gas to reach its explosive limit, resulting in worker injuries and damage to the facility.


HCN and NH3 can be monitored simultaneously by the same LasIR analyzer. Our multichannel LasIR analyzer is successfully being used at various carbon fibre production facilities to monitor HCN in pan ovens. This is particularly cost effective as HCN needs to be measured at different sections of the same oven, bringing the total number of monitoring locations in the same production facility to various tens. Thanks to the analyzer's rapid response time, even in the case of a multichannel system, the HCN and NH3 concentrations measured at all locations monitored by the same analyzer is rendered in just a few seconds. The same LasIR analyzer can be used to also measure fugitive emissions within the working environment by means of open path monitors, thus protecting workers from exposure to potentially fatal levels of the gases.

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