LasIR RP102
Portable Gas Analyzer


Portable Gas Analyzer

Compact and durable, this portable gas measurement equipment allows the user to move easily from one location to the next in order to analyze gas emissions in a variety of environments.

Onboard memory allows to save data which can then be loaded into a computer for analysis.


Detection Limits (ppm-m)
HF - 0.1 NH3 - 0.5 CO/CO2 - 200 CH4 - 0.5 H2S - 10 H2O - 0.2 HCl - 1

Path Length
1 - 1000 meters

Factory set

Internal Data Storage
4GB Compact Flash (>2 years of data)

12 VDC; 1.5 Amps

Dynamic Range
5 orders of magnitude

Response Time
Typically 1 second

RS-232 Ethernet 4-20 mA

-10 deg. C - +50 deg. C 95 - 110 KPa 0 - 95% RH

AC Adapter
110/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 60 W



LasIR View

LasIR View is a software that collects and displays information collected by the gas measurement equipment in real time. It also allows you to access the measurement data which is saved on an internal Compact Flash card. This data can be downloaded to a computer via Ethernet connection and reviewed for analysis.

Great for: HCl Monitoring (Hydrogen Chloride gas), NH3 Monitoring (Ammonia), HF (Hydrogen Fluoride) Monitoring, O2 Monitoring (Oxygen gas), CH4 Monitoring (Methane gas), and CO2 gas monitoring (Carbon Dioxide).