Instruments - LUMINOx


These are a series of lightweight, highly sensitive gas measurement instruments and gas measurement equipment based on novel surface chemiluminescence.

 LUMINOx gas measurement instruments and gas measurement equipment is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor gas monitoring and is ideal for applications where battery operations and portable gas monitoring equipment are required (e.g. on an aircraft).

 The principle of operations of these gas measurement instruments and gas measurement equipment is very simple. The sample air is drawn through the instrument by a micro-pump and then flown across a fabric wick wetted with a prescribed solution. The solution is continuously replenished at the top of the wick and removed at the bottom by a liquid mass flow system. Surface reaction of the monitored gas results in chemiluminescence. The resulting signal from the photomultiplier is directly proportional to the mixing ratio of the gas in the air. This is why our gas measurement instruments are among the best.


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Detection Limits:  0.1-ppbv (O3), 50 pptv (NO2, NOx)
Time Response:  0.1 sec

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