Services - Measurements

UNISEARCH has provided Gas Monitoring Equipment and other related Measurement Services for Government and Industry for many years. Our equipment is suited for detection and measurement of gas. This includes methane CH4 monitoring, Sulfur Dioxide SO2 monitoring, Hydrogen Chloride HCl monitoring, and Ammonia NH3 monitoring equipment, to name just a few.

We offer continuous emission monitoring equipment systems (CEMS) among our variety of gas monitoring equipment so that businesses can perform an analysis of their compound output to make sure they always comply with the industry standards. Continuous emissions monitoring equipment is a must-have for today’s businesses.

Measurements have been made in a variety of environmental conditions, from the pristine sites of the Mauna Loa, to the Grand Canyon, to the polluted air of Los Angeles Basin.

Current measurement programs include:

  • Smog Chamber Measurements: of Hydrogen Peroxide and Formaldehyde for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratories.

  • CF4 and C2F6 Measurements: in the emissions from aluminum smelters, representing 10% of the world’s aluminum production. These gases are potent greenhouse gases with atmospheric lifetimes that exceed 10,000 years. 

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