Solutions - HCl Monitoring

HCL (Hydrogen Chloride) is a colorless, sometimes slightly yellow gas with a distinctive acidic odor.  HCL is an undesired environmental pollutant that is damaging to personal health and both plant and animal life in general even in minute quantities (ppmv levels).  Exposure limits have been established for industries to ensure that workers are able to operate in a safe environment.  HCl monitoring is essential in coal-fired power plants, incinerators, aluminum recycling and the cement industry.

The TDLAS technology that Unisearch offers is a perfect solution for HCL monitoring.  It ensure accurate and rapid response to HCL levels in a variety of harsh environments.  For compliance requirements the analyzers can incorporate a flow through audit cell to allow routine monitoring of the instrument response.  Single and two point monitoring systems are available.  The Unisearch LasIR provides:

  • Reliable, accurate data
  • Rapid response – seconds if desired
  • Continuous emissions monitoring of HCL levels
  • Freedom from interferences by other gases which could result in erroneous data
  • Easier maintenance and improved process control 




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